The real value of pre-planning a funeral is not just in the money…it saves you.  

Think about these two scenarios:

pre-planning-insert-300x300Mr. Smith takes some time to review some options – there’s the family plot back east, or better yet, property options here for a new family plot, since he has four children who have their own growing families.  A resting place here for future generations – that sounds nice.  A traditional funeral is what he’s always wanted, but there were a few features he didn’t want, like organ music.  He calls Theresa from Mountain View, and in a couple of days she sits down with him, a record of his selections in hand, and in his den they sign the papers for a policy that covers the entire cost, no matter how much prices rise.  That’s a big value – he’s only 59, and plans to live a long, long time.

Things don’t quite turn out so well for Mr. Jones.  He’s 59, but his family is making the choices for him without any discussion, and he never got the chance to tell them what he wanted.  With all the grief of unexpected loss, his widow and his sons bear an emotional burden – and also the expense.

Making a plan isn’t a morbid chore – it’s a responsible gift that means peace of mind no matter when the unexpected comes.  A simple pre-planning policy means you pay up to today’s prices in monthly premiums, and that’s all.  Even if it’s 30 years later, and prices have risen, your policy pays the cost of your selections.  Period.

After all, the whole reason for saving and investing is for the peace of your family and a secure future.  Pre-planning final expenses is a part of that.

A good plan never comes together too soon.  Make one today and always have a plan.


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