Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (August)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

That August end of summer heat wave has come and gone and we are keeping our cool as the long Labor Day Weekend refreshes our spirits.

We congratulate all our Altadena neighbors that took a walk through our historic Mausoleum on Marengo Avenue and viewed our Sistine Chapel style fresco of “The History of Christianity” during the heat wave.

It must be the imported Italian marble inside the Mausoleum that helps keep the temperatures down. Great to see everybody.

"I'd rather have roses on my table, than diamonds on my neck."
                                                                               - Emma Goldman

Speaking of all things Mausoleum, they are back. “They” are those colorful people that walk around talking to themselves. I guess you have to admit, talking

to yourself and professional acting go hand in hand. I guess you call it developing a character. Here’s the good news, actors rehearsing their lines, can mean only one thing.

It means that Wicked Lit is back with their series of skits and stories that make our Mausoleum come alive with the lighting, unique sets, and those colorful players that make Wicked Lit such a welcome and wonderful part of the Mausoleum landscape as we enter September and transition into October and all things Halloween.

This is Wicked Lit’s eight season at Mountain View Mausoleum, performing their special theatrical magic. Click on their website for performance times and make your reservations. The shows sell out, so it’s ‘The Quick and the Dead’ type scenario. Great to see you all once again. Break a leg guys.

Here at Mountain View Cemetery, whether it’s the parade of local history buffs, the healthy-walking brigade, family members placing flowers on graves or mourners attending a

morning graveside service, the same question is asked over and over.

“How do I get back to the main gate?” GPS? Think LOOP.

Our Mountain View Cemetery is bordered by a big loop. Sort of a long street that cleverly changes its name as it curves and arcs through our scenic grounds. Read our curbside stenciled names to help you navigate.

Our loop begins at our office parking lot. Turning right through our gate,you pass Sunday lawn. As our Pasadena Mausoleum and Sunrise Chapel come into view, the loop curves slightly left, passing Memory Circle and Poppy Fields. The curve passes Sunrise Terrace and Morning Star and heading straight up, you’ll find Mountain Vineyards as the curve turns left.

Curving still, you now pass Mountain Meadows, Windsong Lane and Twilight Terrace as our Drawing Room Chapel tall steeple comes into view. A blink of an eye and you’re back at our Fair Oaks Avenue parking area. Navigating our loop is quite easy. No fears. No tears.

However,it was a tear and a smile for all of us on Friday evening, September 1st. The Mausoleum Art Gallery.

It was a goodbye dinner for Ken, our family counselor, as heretires after serving our Mountain View families for twenty years.

A wonderful time. Delicious catering. Good cheer. Good wine. Friends. Families. Workmates. Stories. More stories. Selfies. We wish Ken well. We’re going to miss you buddy.


Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 Party photo courtesty of Wanda Poston

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