Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (January 2018)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

It must be January. The days are slowly getting longer. The Rose Bowl steel audience stands are almost gone now on Colorado Blvd. The blessings of Christmas 2017 will always wonderful memories to cherish.

Those Autumn leaves have fallen and as you know, our Mountain View cemetery is host to dozens of species of trees. As all the bird watchers are aware, those falling leaves remind many of us, of those days growing up back in the Midwest. It’s where all those leaves of brown on the ground gently preview the promise of Spring.

It was all good to go for Team Mountain View for the holidays. Our Christmas dinner was beyond awesome. It was especially fun when the roving Mariachi Band walked up andtook our request for that seasonal classic “Feliz Navidad” as created by Jose Feliciano. We all sang along and quite frankly, none of us will ever appear on The Voice but we had a great time and partied like it was 1999.

Back at the offices of Mountain View, our gift exchange was fun and organized by Theresa with Patience acting as an unofficial off-the-grid gift Elf. It sure was fun.

Beautiful flowers are a vibrant part of every Rosebowl celebration and always a feature of our Sunrise Chapel grounds. Absolutely. Roses flourish there as aided and abetted by our Mountain View hands-in-the-dirt grounds crew. We took a rosy picture of the Sisters in Pink.

It was roses, roses all the way.
            ~ Robert Browning

As memories of 2017 slowly fade, we look forward to thenew year of 2018 and as always, serving our families as we have for generations.

Looking forward also invites us to look back, on so many historical statesmen, politicians, military leaders, entertainers and other movers and shakers interred here and so prominent in the history of Pasadena and the development of Altadena. History is alive and well here at Mountain View. Historians and genealogists we welcome you.

CLICK on our website for some very colorful videos that dramatize our cemetery and mausoleum histories.

A good way to start 2018 might to bring a friend and take a healthy walk through our cemetery on Fair Oaks Ave. You can also take a walk, not on the wild side, but on the healthy side by visiting our Mountain View Mausoleum on Marengo Ave.

The story of the ‘Three Kings’ is always a never-ending story of joy. Family gifts. Family foods. Once again families enjoyed a walk through our Mausoleum, our Sistine Chapel, celebrating The Epiphany this month as viewed in our breath-taking “History of Christianity” historical fresco. Our grounds are open seven days.

February is coming our way. Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. So is a new season of Dodger Blue. It’s what we like to describe as our Mountain View Previews of Coming Attractions.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 
3383 Research input via Oscar.
Location mapping by Patience.

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (December)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

It must be December. Those Thanksgiving calories are slowly  disappearing. There’s a chill in the air. Not like back in the Midwest or back East, but an LA style Southern California chill, reminding us to smell the roses.

Roses that adorn our Sunrise Chapel grounds are only moments away as you enter our gate on Fair Oaks. It’s also exciting to know that only a few blocks away from Mountain View, as we speak, all those volunteers are working on Pasadena’s cherished world famous Rose Parade floats.

 The rose; perfect in every moment of its existence.
                                                            ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mountain View Cemetery. Mountain View Mausoleum. The usual holiday suspects. History seekers looking for backstories about Altadena and Pasadena, Historical figures, Statesmen, Stateswomen, Entertainers, Artists. All interred here at Mountain View. Living history. The Way We Were. Your family genealogy search starts with a screen.

The touch-screen in our office. Reach out and touch someone special. Our office staff will be happy to assist. Ask Patience or Cynthia to help you print the easiest way to walk or drive to your family plot.

There’s been a sight to behold this week. Not a stray coyote passing through our cemetery grounds or the scores of squirrels tiptoeing across our sheltering tree branches.

The sight: Birdwatchers. Birdwatchers with old-school steno pads and binoculars. They look up. They take a picture. Then, more pictures. They take notes. Not my cup of tea, but they seem to be having a good time. Birdwatchers of the world and Altadena, unite. Welcome.

There’s no better way to celebrate the Christmas season than to take a 

tour of our Mountain View Mausoleum on Marengo Ave.

It’s a two-minute drive from our office. Bring along all those church cronies or the Bridge-club brigade and be enthralled by our “History of Christianity” fresco featuring “The Nativity.” It’s our own Sistine Chapel. Bring some Christmas Poinsettias, as you pay your respects to family members. Open 7 Days. Be inspired. Remember, at Christmas time, a wave of nostalgia is always in the air and it’s always hip to be square.


We are all busy running our own race, looking after families, entertaining friends and relatives and baking and mostly, buying holiday cookies. Thank Goodness, our office kitchen at Mountain View seems to strangely attract Christmas cookies and more Christmas cookies as we get closer to December 25th.

As our staff criss-cross through our kitchen, on their way to meeting with families, running to gravesite and chapel services, and chasing all the paperwork that goes with every service, those cookie carbs sure come in handy.

Speaking of our staff as we get closer to Christmas and New Year’s, some travel is in the air. Jim will head back to visit family in Pennsylvania. Theresa will probably be heading up to San Francisco to say hello to friends and family. Closer to home, Keith will be heading to Starbucks to recharge his batteries and Smart Phone as he helps, as always, with the 24/7 activities that make up The Rose Parade.

All the rest of the non-traveling staff will be busy too. Busy with Christmas school vacation. Busy wrapping gifts. Busy with shopping, Online!

Speaking of our staff, Katie & Damien, are expecting in 2018. Congratulations guys.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Be watching as the longtime Veteran-supporting Lieutenant Dan Band lead guitarist and actor, Gary Sinise, officiates as Grand Marshall of the ever-awesome Rose Parade.

Take care everyone. If you and your loved ones are looking for holiday entertainment, once again, Pasadena’s A NoiseWithin Repertory Theatre is featuring Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.” And as Dicken’s character Tiny Tim has said for generations “And God bless us…everyone.”


Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 
Sweetheart photo courtesy of Katie & Damien. 
Research input via Oscar.
Location mapping by Patience.


Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (November)


Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

It must be November. The actors and players from Wicked Lit have packed up their bags after performing another SRO season. Bravo. Good show. Congratulations everyone.

Halloween has come and gone. So have all the cute kids and all those parents that dressed up in every costume from Star Wars to Wonder Woman to the Pirates of the Caribbean. October 31st is always a fun day and this year those colorful characters were walking up and down Fair Oaks Ave. knocking on doors once again. It was beautiful.

When we think of beauty we always think of our sheltering palms and generations-old shade trees here at Mountain View Cemetery. If you’re early and are visiting when our gates open at 8 am, you may see the watering of the grass and watch as the sunlight casts a rainbow of colors through the falling, misty water.

Early morning is always the time for a healthy walk through Mountain View, to enjoy the views and soak in all the history and historical characters that now call our home, their home. As you know, we’re open seven days.

Whether it’s alongside our office on Fair Oaks Ave. or next, to our Sunrise Chapel, we always enjoy the wonderful consoling colors that our flowers present to our families and visitors.

More and more on services, we’re seeing the release of the white doves. Imagine twelve white doves. As the graveside service ends, these guardian angels, sometimes one by one, and sometimes all together, fly up to the heavens in tribute to the recently departed. Watching the point bird and her feathered sisters fly in tribute to a loved one is breathtaking. Awesome might be a better word.


A hush falls over the mourners as they point their cell phone video cameras on these beautiful birds as they fly up, circle over the graveside and then head towards home, sharing the Spirit with their earthbound audience. Ask Theresa in our office to tell you all about adding these lovely White Doves to your family service.

November means Thanksgiving is upon us and we can expect that any family services will reflect the looks and smells of the season. Last November, just inside our Sunrise Chapel, some very creative caterers added just the right Autumn colors of golden corn and orange Pumpkin to remind us of the history and joys of Thanksgiving. Call it Pumpkin Fever.

The World Series. Talk about an awesome season. Everyone here is proudly wearing Dodger Blue. Always will. Always. 2018 and Spring training is just days away.  Next time.

The final quarter of the year is here and that means Christmas and the Rose Parade are on the horizon. Actor Gary Sinise is the Grand Marshall! Take care everyone.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 
Research input via Oscar.
Location mapping by Patience.

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (September/October)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

OMGosh. Where does the time go? October is here, in all her Autumn glory.

Speaking of glory. Is there not the world of glory in a simple rose? Roses of every color populate the grounds here at Mountain View. All colors. All styles. All bring a smile, especially as a tribute to the memory of cherished family members. When roses are delivered prior to a family service, they are received with awe, wonder and respect.

“A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.” 
                    - William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

As you know, the worker-bees are already giving 100%. Yes, the Rose Parade is just around the corner. Those famous floats are already being tested for the big day. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen. Can’t wait to watch the most colorful of all parades on January 1, 2018.

Every morning here at Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum we have the honor of touching history. Mountain View is the final resting place of statesmen, artists, writers, scientists, all the movers and shakers of our Altadena & Pasadena community.

With the long-anticipated reboot of the Science Fiction movie Blade Runner 2049 soon for release on the big screen, we honor and remember a Sci-Fi pioneer and local writer Octavia Butler, interred here at Mountain View. She helped us see the future with her magic words and numerous essays and books. Her final resting place is located in scenic Eagles View, in the gentle shadows of Vista Del Monte.

Speaking of shady Vista Del Monte, this is one of the most serene places here at Mountain View Cemetery. Maybe it’s the shade trees. Maybe it’s the intersection of three of our quiet, less traveled streets. It’s a place to visit family graves and to pause and reflect. A place to count your blessings. It’s no wonder, so many family memories are celebrated under the trees at Vista Del Monte.

Family services are always busy. Always. Team Mountain View help display flowers, hand out programs, direct traffic, while all the time, juggling logistics and double checking the service schedule with our attending clergy.

Here’s a rare shot of all of us, taking a breather. Left to right: Denny, Theresa, Luis, Edward.

Speaking of awesome teams, we played host to the storytellers from Pasadena Media. They stopped by and what fun we had showing off our grounds and history. They specialize in spreading the word about local history and produce great visual mini-epics about Altadena and Pasadena events, past and present. (Pasadenamedia.org)

With all the movies and TV shows that film here at Mountain View, we just had to show our media guests, one of our coolest movie sets, the Medical Examiner room.

It’s tucked away above our Sunrise Chapel. Charles was on camera, Bobbie was producing and directing and Kevin was making sure the recorded sound was crystal clear.

Their enthusiasm for their art was more than contagious. It was a wonderful visit. We chatted about the historical figures and personalites that rest here at Mountain View. Their business card should read: Class. Style. Awesome.

Whether you’re filming a news story or staging a play, it takes a small army of actors, directors, producers, stage hands and many artistic talents and skills to make the magic come alive.

The magic was more than electric backstage in the Make-Up Department as Unbound Productions’ ‘Wicked Lit‘ began it’s 8th annual October through Halloween season of stories and skits inside our Mountain View Mausoleum and on our Mountain View Cemetery grounds. Spoiler alert: Last time we checked, it was almost SRO.

Behind the Wicked Lit scenes, Make-up’s Judi and Julie concocted a ‘Witch’s Brew.’ Bloody. Fleshy. Nasty. Think Edgar Allen Poe. Whatever it was, it looked scary enough to make Stephen King toss and turn late into the night.

On a sad note, one of our long cherished Mountain View grounds keepers, Carlos, sadly passed away suddenly on Friday evening, September 29. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 
Team MV photo courtesy of Theresa. 
Research input via Oscar.
Location mapping by Patience.

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (August)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…


That August end of summer heat wave has come and gone and we are keeping our cool as the long Labor Day Weekend refreshes our spirits.

We congratulate all our Altadena neighbors that took a walk through our historic Mausoleum on Marengo Avenue and viewed our Sistine Chapel style fresco of “The History of Christianity” during the heat wave.

It must be the imported Italian marble inside the Mausoleum that helps keep the temperatures down. Great to see everybody.

"I'd rather have roses on my table, than diamonds on my neck."
                                                                     - Emma Goldman

Speaking of all things Mausoleum, they are back. “They” are those colorful people that walk around talking to themselves. I guess you have to admit, talking to yourself and professional acting go hand in hand. I guess you call it developing a character. Here’s the good news, actors rehearsing their lines, can mean only one thing.


It means that Wicked Lit is back with their series of skits and stories that make our Mausoleum comealive with the lighting, unique sets, and those colorful players that make Wicked Lit such a welcome and wonderful part of the Mausoleum landscape as we enter September and transition into October and all things Halloween.

This is Wicked Lit’s eight season at Mountain View Mausoleum, performing their special theatrical magic. Click on their website for performance times and make your reservations. The shows sell out, so it’s ‘The Quick and the Dead’ type scenario. Great to see you all once again. Break a leg guys.

Here at Mountain View Cemetery, whether it’s the parade of local history buffs, the healthy-walking brigade, family members placing flowers on graves or mourners attending a morning graveside service, the same question is asked over and over.


“How do I get back to the main gate?” GPS? Think LOOP.

Our Mountain View Cemetery is bordered by a big loop. Sort of a long street that cleverly changes its name as it curves and arcs through our scenic grounds. Read our curbside stenciled names to help you navigate.

Our loop begins at our office parking lot. Turning right through our gate,you pass Sunday lawn. As our Pasadena Mausoleum and Sunrise Chapel come into view, the loop curves slightly left, passing Memory Circle and Poppy Fields. The curve passes Sunrise Terrace and Morning Star and heading straight up, you’ll find Mountain Vineyards as the curve turns left.

Curving still, you now pass Mountain Meadows, Windsong Lane and Twilight Terrace as our Drawing Room Chapel tall steeple comes into view. A blink of an eye and you’re back at our Fair Oaks Avenue parking area. Navigating our loop is quite easy. No fears. No tears.

However,it was a tear and a smile for all of us on Friday evening, September 1st. The Mausoleum Art Gallery.

It was a goodbye dinner for Ken, our family counselor, as heretires after serving our Mountain View families for twenty years.

A wonderful time. Delicious catering. Good cheer. Good wine. Friends. Families. Workmates. Stories. More stories. Selfies. We wish Ken well. We’re going to miss you buddy.


Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 Party photo courtesty of Wanda Poston

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (July)

 Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

August is upon us and July 4th has come and gone. Celebrating America’s birthday is always fun. Especially here at Mountain View. Maybe it’s the mouth watering smell of those lunch time hot dogs and hamburgers cooking, that makes it such a good time. Aiding and abetting all the fun is always the Rose Bowl evening fireworks, that can be seen and enjoyed especially, here in Altadena.

Our grounds and landscapes are all about lovely flowers and a single Rose always brings a smile. Small wonder that during family services, flowers and every color of Rose brings such solace to both families and friends.

“Earth laughs in flowers”
                                 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s a helpful hint about flowers. As with planning a wedding, all the flowers should blend together artistically. Be sure to tell our family counselors, Theresa and Ken, all about your loved one’s favorite flowers and especially their favorite colors, so they can help you plan your memorial service.

It’s also important to make sure that you share these insights with your local flower shop and flower artists. It will help them add style and sparkle to your service.

We had a lovely service last summer. A family Matriarch had passed. Her favorite color was purple. The flowers were lovely. Our Mountain View team wore ties with flecks of purple in them. It looked awesome.

Speaking of doing your family history homework, part of any Sunrise Chapel service is a slideshow of your loved one’s life and times. Heads up: Best to bring any visual/song presentation to us at least one day prior to your service. 

Bring a flash drive and two CD copies on disc, so we can test and make sure they are compatible with our Sunrise iTunes System. Help us avoid any embarrassing ‘On the Day’ technical hiccups.

It’s also a good idea to keep the slideshow less than 4 or 5 minutes. The length of the loved one’s favorite song is the real charm. Your picture story will be easier to follow by keeping the pictures in chronological order. Baby pictures, Teen years, Wedding, Children, Grandchildren, Retirement. Help us tell your family story in a professional and entertaining way. Thanks everybody.

July into August seems to be the time when traffic in the City of Angels, not to mention I-210, only minutes away from Mountain View, is what they call “Holiday light.” Less traffic on our July and August roads is a good thing.

Speaking of good things, like vacations, Mountain View’s Luis Treto and his wife Ana had a great vacation break. Just ask any kid, vacations are all about fun. They know.

Always wonderful to see Jim’s guys, Kalen and Christian. They stopped by to hang out and say hello. They covered a lot of ground. LA beaches. A toe-tapping LeAnn Rimes concert. Great smiles. Cool guys. Always a pleasure.

It wouldn’t be a Southern California summer without Comic- Con and once again our native-son Keith was our offical Mountain View rep in San Diego. Glancing at his cell phone costume shot, the word ‘Scary’ comes to mind.

The walking traffic through our Mountain View Cemetery grounds and through our Mountain View Mausoleum seems to have picked up in the last few weeks. It’s wonderful to see our local neighbors and their summertime out-of-town visiting relatives and friends.

Any questions? Ask our grounds people: Sammy, Brian, John, Jesus, Oscar & Eleo. They are always happy to chat and to answer any questions that may come to mind.

One of our walking visitors asked a friendly question that inspired this picture. It’s the only wooden grave marker, here at Mountain View Cemetery. It’s a quick healthy one-minute walk from our offices, in our scenic Sunset Lawn area. Take a look. Bring a friend. Snap a selfie.

Summertime, and the living is easy, so the Porgy & Bess song says. Keep cool. Take care.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383
“Striking a pose” photo courtesy of Luis & Ana Treto 
“Beachcomers” photo courtesty of Jim Sickonic 
“Comic-Con” photo courtesy of Keith Brown

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (June)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

June is here. The good news: All that June gloom is almost gone with the wind. Gone girl, like a summer wind.

June gloom. That’s what the TV weather people in Southern California call that damp, foggy marine layer that lingers over Altadena and Pasadena and most of Los Angeles during most days of June.

OMGosh, it’s been a busy month. June started off with the anniversary of D-Day, the 6th of June, commemorating those WW II heroes that stormed the beaches of Normandy, way back when. Many of those heroes rest here at Mountain View and as always, gentlemen and ladies, we salute you.

GPS aside, one of the easiest questions we answer to our out of town visitors is how to find us on Fair Oaks Ave. “Up Fair Oaks, past Woodbury Rd. and look for the lovely flowers” is our response.

Speaking of flowers, check out the pink roses that are a blink of an eye

from our Drawing Room and Chapel, close to our office entrance and parking lot on Fair Oaks. Pink is the new Black, is the new Orange. LOL.

Folks, here at Mountain View, we always need patience. Patience to deal with our bereaved families. Patience to organize our family services, flower deliveries, calls to clergy and the countless logistics that go into serving our families in need.

Well, we finally have been blessed with some patience. Yes, the powers-that-be have made another good call. She’s new. She’s here. Her name is Patience.

Patience is a local lady from Pasadena and is completing her studies at Pasadena City College. She’s the friendly voice you hear answering our phones, greeting family members and helping corral all the engulfing coroner forms and backstage activities of a modern family-driven, family-owned and family-serving business like Mountain View. Welcome aboard Patience. Break a leg!

The longest day of sunlight. June 21st. The best place to enjoy the Summer Solstice is always in the ‘Radiance’ wing of our Mountain View Mausoleum. The summer sunlight filtering through the stained glass is both a joy to the heart and a joy to the eye. See for yourself. Selfie time.

There’s nothing like the sound of a HORSE WHINNY to make people stop and look up from their troubles and smile. Well, once again our friends from Homeward Bound Funeral Carriages were part of the show and pageantry and healing at yet another family service during the month of June.

Styling as always, horse mistress Suzanne was holding the reins and guiding ‘Kandy’ as she CLOMPED, CLOMPED along the streets and avenues of Mountain View Cemetery, much like all those New Orleans funeral processions we’ve all seen at the movies.

The June sights and summer sounds of Mountain  View included a lovely wedding ceremony at our historic Mausoleum over on Marengo Ave. It all began late Saturday afternoon. Our best wishes to Bride & Groom, Sarah & Brian, as they begin their life journey. We were honored to be the backdrop to their sweet, romantic vows and the beyond-awesome dance-till-dawn reception that followed.


July 4th is almost here everybody. Traditions still endure as we celebrate Lady Liberty’s birthday. Hot dogs. Paper plates. Evening fireworks at the Rose Bowl. American flags will dot the historic grave sites once again, here at Mountain View.

That summer breeze is slowly stirring away the heat here in Altadena. That’s your invitation to cool your jets and cool your heels and visit our cemetery and mausoleum.

Call your Mom, get the girls together, put on your walking shoes and take in the sights and sounds of our historic Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum. Yes, Virginia,
we’re open seven days.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 Mausoleum photos courtesy of Luis Treto

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (May)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

It’s May. It’s May, the merry month of May. Sounds like a song doesn’t it? OMGosh. It is a song. It’s Camelot!

Speaking of songs and all things cheery, they are back. Yes, those lovely Jacaranda blooms are back. Nothing says May in LA, more than the purple hues of the Jacaranda.

May means Moms. Always has. Always will. Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 14th started with a Mountain View mystery. It was a whodunit right out of those Nancy Drew Mysteries that our sisters and Moms used to read to us, way back when.

Let’s call it “The Mystery of the Mother’s Day Flowers.” (With a sweet nod to Carolyn Keene, the awesome author of all those mystery stories.) It was early. There it was.

A mist of morning dew sparkling like a diamond on lovely red roses. A basket of orphan flowers. Left just outside the locked Mausoleum gate on Marengo. No address. No name tag. The Mausoleum visitors were on their way. Mother’s Day morning sun was also rising.

We made a command decision.

We placed the anonymous Mom’s Day flowers at our Mausoleum front door, a flowery greeting to all the visitors, paying their respects.

Respects to all the nurturing ‘Mom’ figures in our lives: Loving Step-Moms, older Sisters, guiding Aunts, inspiring teachers and friendly neighbors. Sweet memories of all the women mentors that have touched all of our lives. You might say that all of our Mausoleum statues are all about Sisterhood in all her glory.

The mystery flowers were a big hit. All day long. Thanks secret benefactor. Flowers always bring a smile.

Flowers mean a lot and help the healing during family services. Best advice: Have your flowers reflect the personality of those being remembered. Have a chat with your local florists. Give them the back story. His/Her favorite colors. Favorite flowers. Then give them enough time to create a coordinated colorful tribute.

Okay, we all need a break from time to time. Especially our embalming team. Know locally as Batman & Robin. Maybe Penn & Teller might be more accurate. Known with affection, alphabetically speaking (left to right), as Damien & Keith here at Team Mountain View.

They went hiking. The whole nine yards. Back packs. No Tommy’s. No In-N-Out. No kidding. Hills. More hills. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Stories around the campfire. Songs around the campfire. It was a Kumbaya couple of long days journeys into longer nights. Welcome back guys.

Memorial Day was all about remembering the Fallen of yesterday and honoring the Veterans of today.

Our annual Mountain View Memorial Day afternoon celebration was a roaring success. They all came. Young. Old. History majors. History minors. It was beyond awesome. Flags. More flags. Speeches. A 21 gun salute. Period Costumes. Tears. Smiles. Those ‘Daughters of the Union’ sure can tell a story or two. 

Speaking of all things historical, our website is always in a state of evolving. More history profiles. More insights into early Altadena, CA and the way we were.

Open that laptop. Order yourself a Starbucks. CLICK on YouTube. It’s our latest look @ historical Mountain View. Yes, that is The Man of Steel. Yes, early TV pioneer George ‘Superman’ Reeves, rests here in our Pasadena Mausoleum.

Have a wonderful June. Stop by and say hello. Our Cemetery and Mausoleum are tourist-friendly. Open seven days.
Take care everyone.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

‘Kumbaya’ photo courtesy of Damien

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (April)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

It was all about music. It was all about marching. It was all about pride. Winding up March, the African-American Pride parade down Fair Oaks Avenues was something wonderful to see. It had been planned for January, but Mother Nature got in the way with rain. And more rain.

There was music and plenty of marching bands. Hats off to all the Middle School students and band members that burned the midnight oil to make it all happen. Awesome! Good work guys and gals. You did us proud.

April is all about Easter. Celebrating Easter is a celebration of our Mountain View Mausoleum. Inside is our own version of the Sistine Chapel.

Visitors are most welcome weekdays and weekends, especially during Easter Week. Stop and view our historic ceiling and “The Story of Christianity” in all her glory.

It starts where we all began. With Genesis. Make sure your cell phone has plenty of memory to capture Mother Mausoleum in all her Easter grandeur.

At our cemetery offices, we are celebrating. Celebrating that one of our at-need family counselors has been brightening the walks and halls of Mountain View for nineteen years.


Nineteen years is a long time to be looking after our families. Guiding broken hearts takes a very special kind of personality. It take Empathy. It takes Heart. It takes a gentleman like Ken.

Think Priest. Think Minister. Think Rabbi. Think a devoted nurturing high school teacher or football coach. Think best friend.

Whether Ken is talking about his days growing up in Philadelphia, his love of all things Eagles or what makes a good Philly Steak sandwich, Ken puts family members at ease with his grace and with his smile.

Ken is one of our most respected human resources. It’s an honor to have Ken on board Team Mountain View.

Sunrise. Sunset. You find these words on many a family service program. These two gentle words describe the lifespan a loved one has spent here on earth. Sunrise also refers to one of our most popular chapels, our Sunrise Chapel.

When you visit our Sunrise Chapel be sure to look at the detail of the stained glass windows. Every artistic picture tells a story of Southern California. Look closely. This is a view of Catalina. In rainbow colors.

It is quite an interesting story that goes back to earlier days of Mountain View Cemetery. Our staff are great storytellers. Ask them to tell you the back story.

The days are getting longer. Take a walk through our cemetery or mausoleum and enjoy our spring flowers.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (March)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

The Ides of March is upon us here in Altadena. The days are slowly getting longer and longer. Heads up. Spring forward with your clock Sunday, March 12th. We’ll have to get the message to all the squirrels that scurry through the cemetery grounds here at Mountain View.

Wow. We had a wonderful time with our old friends and with many new friends from Atlas Obscura Tours on Sunday, March 5th.

Wanda, Jim and yours truly took a stroll through memory lane as we walked the streets and avenues inside our scenic historic Mountain View Mausoleum. Our Atlas Obscura host, Benjamin, arrived with some goodies from Porto’s Cuban Bakery. Coffee and cookies started off the fun and the fellowship.

Introductions. Then inside our Chapel of The Gardens it all began. The history. The backdrop of early Altadena. Citrus was in the air. Altadena was being born. And so was our Mother Mausoleum. Wanda painted such a vivid picture of The Way We Were.

Once underway, it was questions. And more questions. It 
was such a joy as we talked and walked with everyone during our Sunday morning journey through the art and the history of our Mausoleum.

Our tourists guests were awe-struck as we dramatically opened our front Mausoleum door as they glanced up at our Sistine Chapel style ceiling. It’s our “History of Christianity” in all her timeless glory. Naturally, we had to take a Selfie, sort of, with our  Tourist-visitors. So many personalities. So many friendly folks. It was a great walking history lesson.

Wonderful to see one and all. Our Mausoleum is open 7 days a week, so bring any visiting friends and relatives. Anytime. Any day. Be sure to knock on our office door and say hello.

I guess it had to happen. Damien, one of our embalming staff is soon to appear in the latest version of GQ Magazine. Well, maybe not. Still we admire his taste in the latest fashions in all things funeral. Check it out. His newest black Hoodie says it all. What a guy! Had some thoughts about family funerals. You might call these thoughts “A Guide to Family Funerals.” So to speak. Let’s say your family viewing begins at 10am.

Focus on the family and your out-of-town guests. A good time to arrive, say at our Sunrise Chapel would be about 9:45am. Don’t be early, early.

Our devoted staff needs time to receive those lovely flower arrangements. To set the air conditioning. To Windex a few windows. To prepare your loved one to look their very best. We know this will be a difficult day for all of the family and we need time to place your family needs under our wings. Give us the time we need. Thanks for your help and understanding. Remember, Spring forward. Enjoy the extra hours of daylight as we March forward in 2017.

You’re invited. Both our Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum are open seven days. Walk our way. Join us.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

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