Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (April)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

It was all about music. It was all about marching. It was all about pride. Winding up March, the African-American Pride parade down Fair Oaks Avenues was something wonderful to see. It had been planned for January, but Mother Nature got in the way with rain. And more rain.

There was music and plenty of marching bands. Hats off to all the Middle School students and band members that burned the midnight oil to make it all happen. Awesome! Good work guys and gals. You did us proud.

April is all about Easter. Celebrating Easter is a celebration of our Mountain View Mausoleum. Inside is our own version of the Sistine Chapel.

Visitors are most welcome weekdays and weekends, especially during Easter Week. Stop and view our historic ceiling and “The Story of Christianity” in all her glory.

It starts where we all began. With Genesis. Make sure your cell phone has plenty of memory to capture Mother Mausoleum in all her Easter grandeur.

At our cemetery offices, we are celebrating. Celebrating that one of our at-need family counselors has been brightening the walks and halls of Mountain View for nineteen years.


Nineteen years is a long time to be looking after our families. Guiding broken hearts takes a very special kind of personality. It take Empathy. It takes Heart. It takes a gentleman like Ken.

Think Priest. Think Minister. Think Rabbi. Think a devoted nurturing high school teacher or football coach. Think best friend.

Whether Ken is talking about his days growing up in Philadelphia, his love of all things Eagles or what makes a good Philly Steak sandwich, Ken puts family members at ease with his grace and with his smile.

Ken is one of our most respected human resources. It’s an honor to have Ken on board Team Mountain View.

Sunrise. Sunset. You find these words on many a family service program. These two gentle words describe the lifespan a loved one has spent here on earth. Sunrise also refers to one of our most popular chapels, our Sunrise Chapel.

When you visit our Sunrise Chapel be sure to look at the detail of the stained glass windows. Every artistic picture tells a story of Southern California. Look closely. This is a view of Catalina. In rainbow colors.

It is quite an interesting story that goes back to earlier days of Mountain View Cemetery. Our staff are great storytellers. Ask them to tell you the back story.

The days are getting longer. Take a walk through our cemetery or mausoleum and enjoy our spring flowers.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (March)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…

The Ides of March is upon us here in Altadena. The days are slowly getting longer and longer. Heads up. Spring forward with your clock Sunday, March 12th. We’ll have to get the message to all the squirrels that scurry through the cemetery grounds here at Mountain View.

Wow. We had a wonderful time with our old friends and with many new friends from Atlas Obscura Tours on Sunday, March 5th.

Wanda, Jim and yours truly took a stroll through memory lane as we walked the streets and avenues inside our scenic historic Mountain View Mausoleum. Our Atlas Obscura host, Benjamin, arrived with some goodies from Porto’s Cuban Bakery. Coffee and cookies started off the fun and the fellowship.

Introductions. Then inside our Chapel of The Gardens it all began. The history. The backdrop of early Altadena. Citrus was in the air. Altadena was being born. And so was our Mother Mausoleum. Wanda painted such a vivid picture of The Way We Were.

Once underway, it was questions. And more questions. It 
was such a joy as we talked and walked with everyone during our Sunday morning journey through the art and the history of our Mausoleum.

Our tourists guests were awe-struck as we dramatically opened our front Mausoleum door as they glanced up at our Sistine Chapel style ceiling. It’s our “History of Christianity” in all her timeless glory. Naturally, we had to take a Selfie, sort of, with our  Tourist-visitors. So many personalities. So many friendly folks. It was a great walking history lesson.

Wonderful to see one and all. Our Mausoleum is open 7 days a week, so bring any visiting friends and relatives. Anytime. Any day. Be sure to knock on our office door and say hello.

I guess it had to happen. Damien, one of our embalming staff is soon to appear in the latest version of GQ Magazine. Well, maybe not. Still we admire his taste in the latest fashions in all things funeral. Check it out. His newest black Hoodie says it all. What a guy! Had some thoughts about family funerals. You might call these thoughts “A Guide to Family Funerals.” So to speak. Let’s say your family viewing begins at 10am.

Focus on the family and your out-of-town guests. A good time to arrive, say at our Sunrise Chapel would be about 9:45am. Don’t be early, early.

Our devoted staff needs time to receive those lovely flower arrangements. To set the air conditioning. To Windex a few windows. To prepare your loved one to look their very best. We know this will be a difficult day for all of the family and we need time to place your family needs under our wings. Give us the time we need. Thanks for your help and understanding. Remember, Spring forward. Enjoy the extra hours of daylight as we March forward in 2017.

You’re invited. Both our Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum are open seven days. Walk our way. Join us.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (January)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…


It was raining and raining. We sure needed the rain and Mother California has a smile on her face after all the almost drought-ending H2O fell on Southern California and here at Mountain View in Altadena in January, Twenty-Seventeen.

The cemetery soaked in all the rain, our flowers and our greenery look wonderful. Wonderful and refreshed!

Those natural soothing colors of Mother Nature will be part of the enjoyment of our upcoming Mausoleum Tour Sunday, March 5th. Yes, a tour or two is in the wind as we hinted at, in our last MV blog. www.atlasobscura.com

Our good-will ambassador and genealogist Wanda is doing her best Nancy Drew and is deep into researching family histories. She’s unearthed some hair-raising stories that go all the way back to when we first started serving families in 1882!

Our tours will be a lot of fun. The Mausoleum is ready to tell her stories. From the ground floor to the upper floor our stories will be told with a touch of history and a dash of class. All in stained glass. OMGosh that rhymes!

We are always asked “Can we bring flowers?” Yes, flowers are always welcome. To help you honor those that have gone before, we have little flower rooms throughout our cemetery and mausoleums complete with water and plastic vases, all lit by rainbows of stained glass.

You know, you can’t watch a TV show or pick up a Kindle or any Smart Phone or device without a lecture on losing weight and getting healthy.

Team Mountain View is all about staying healthy. You can start your get-fit New Year’s resolutions by walking our scenic grounds and you can start right here. Enjoy the walk. Enjoy the sights. Enjoy good health.

After you finish walking and wondering through our Mausoleum on Marengo Avenue, you can continue your healthy history lesson by walking through our
cemetery, on Fair Oaks. You’ll find one of the original ‘Global Warming’ pioneers is right at your feet. You’ll find his story by clicking here.

The question always comes up. The answer is always the same. Yes, we have facilities for your family or church repast or luncheon after your service.

It makes more sense to have your luncheon here at Mountain View, instead of having out-of-town family and friends sitting in LA’s gridlocked traffic, struggling to GPS a restaurant. You’ll have enough on your mind. Think here. Dine here.

Here, we have luncheon areas for families large and small. Relax with your family and friends inside our Mausoleum or if Art is your passion, inside our intimate Art Gallery.

Ask Theresa or Ken in our mortuary office. They’ll tell you how it all works.

As you know, the movies were born here in Southern California. And, as you know, we host movie and TV shoots here at Mountain View all the time.

Actors, Directors and Location Managers help tell their stories with our beautiful grounds and historical authentic looks and sets. What is their favorite set here? You wouldn’t read about it.

It’s not the Sunrise Chapel or our ‘Sistine Chapel’ Mausoleum or our colorful cemetery walk ways. Wait for it. It’s one of our wood paneled offices! It has a great Hollywood film noir old-school 1950’s ‘Look.’ Yes, we hear there is Oscar buzz. We wish our wood paneled office located in our Mausoleum the very best.

Okay we all love our cats and dogs, even lately, when it’s been raining cats and dogs. But, we fell in like and love when one of our flower-artists created this sweetheart Doggy to help cheer up some broken hearts. It sure brought some smiles to the family service.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (December)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…



Santa Claus has come and gone. Now it’s Twenty-Seventeen (2017) and the New Year is upon us.

Team Mountain View had a wonderful time just before Christmas with a dinner, gift exchange and plenty of good cheer. There was plenty of rain too but that was what Mother California needed. We all made our way through the raindrops to Buca di Beppo on Green Street in Pasadena,  the Italian cuisine was beyond awesome. We partied like it was 1999!

It’s the New Year and it’s the first time we can remember that the world-famous Pasadena Rose Parade was actually held on Monday, January 2nd. Apparently the Rose Parade powers that be, decreed that when January 1st falls on a Sunday, the parade will be held on the following Monday.

roseKeith, our Mountain View Rose Parade point-man was a little under the weather just after Christmas, but with the help of some Vitamin C, he bounced back and once again joined the behind-the-scenes Rose Parade worker bees and helped make theflowers event look like never before.

It looked awesome, the floats, the costumes, the horses and the military fly-over. We like to think that we did our part by admiring the flowers in our Sunrise Chapel Rose Garden and the lovely flowers adorning our Pompeian Court Scattering Garden.


Saw a sight while driving our black hearse. It was on a Saturday afternoon. We had just finished a family service and it was time to drive our hearse back down to the garage. It was on four legs. No, not that horse-drawn New Orleans type hearse. It was a coyote! A coyote strutting his stuff as he cut across the cemetery. In a New York heartbeat, he was going, going, gone.

Coyotes seem to like chasing squirrels and eating flowers and are often seen in cemeteries in California. To be on the safe side: Bewonders sure to leave any cuddly pets, like your family dog, locked in your car while visiting family grave sites.


wordsSometimes all you have to do is look up to see something exciting and inspiring. Look up at the ceiling of our Mountain View Mausoleum. It’s sistine-chapela breathtaking series of scenes that is called “The History of Christianity.”

Back in the day, this dynamic series of paintings took four and a half years to complete. It spans 180 feet of story telling. Genesis. The Old Testament. The New Testament. Our own ‘Sistine Chapel’ and it’s all right here in Altadena. There’s some good news too.

checking-notesThe good news is that our adopted family research genealogist Wanda Poston will be conducting a special Mountain View walking tour coming up in February. As usual, Wanda will be spinning some amusing and fascinating tales.

We profiled Wanda a few months ago in our Mountain View blog and it will be a wonder to listen to her homespun stories of the historical personalities that are interred here at Mountain View. What a storyteller! It promises to be educational, informative and plenty of fun.

We’re looking forward to it. See you there!!!


Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View (November)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…



Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was the best of times and the best of tastes from turkey to cranberry sauce to pumpkin pie.

The long Thanksgiving weekend: The dash to LAX. The lost luggage. Visiting with family and friends. Black Friday shopping. Both off and online shopping.

The game: USC vs Notre Dame. After too many helpings of turkey, falling asleep in front of the big screen TV. What else is new?mv-styling

In November, Veteran’s Day came and went. It was handshakes all around with our respective Mountain View vets: George, Denny and Oscar.

mv-wheres-oscarWhen Oscar isn’t embalming or helping organize our database of families, he carries a camera. He sure knows how to take a great photo or two, or three.

Oscar tells a veteran’s back story. The United States Air Force. Oscar’s a medic-type in training. One day, a fellow airman  is standing in line. He’s retired. He now flies loops in air shows. He needs a physical. Oscar looks up from his paperwork. It’s the man that broke the sound barrier. General Chuck Yeager.

mv-chuckYeager, like in the movie, The Right Stuff. (General Yeager played a cameo role as a non-speaking bartender.) Oscar was touching history. Oscar tells a great story.

Speaking of veterans, during November we welcomed ex- Marine, Damien, to our Mountain View family. Damien is in training and learning how we look after families big and small. He was last seen riding with Keith, heading off to another family service. It looked liked he was asking a lot of questions and taking a lot of notes on all things Mountain View.

Speaking of history, as we were helping a family with a graveside service, in our scenic Morning Star lawn area, we took notice, stopped and saluted some American History right at our feet.mv-h-2-o

It was the headstone for a telegraph operator during the Civil War, interred here at Mountain View.

As you probably know, Mountain View Cemetery is theresting place of the most Civil War veterans this side of Mark Twain’s celebrated Mississippi River. Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum. We’re all mv-welcome
about history.

Every day visiting family members stop by and use our foyer touch-screen TV archives, researchingmv-civil both American history and family history. You type in the surname and year of passing and about sixty seconds later, our printer maps out the quickest way to find your family grave.

As we head into mv-a-roseDecember, we have been treated with some wonderful news: Rain. Mother California needs her rain. Rain is a vital part of keeping our grounds green and our flowers looking their best. That’s our wish for this festive season. More rain.

Heading into December means Christmas is almost imagehere. Christmas, the season of hope and joy. Hoping for short shopping lines and good times, with family and friends. A time to count our blessings. Yes, kids of all ages and stages, Santa Claus is coming to mv-rose-1town.

Right after Christmas, things are coming up Roses, here in Altadena and Pasadena and especially here at Mountain View. Team mv-rose-2Mountain View has been a big supporter of all things Rose Parade for many a parade and for many a moon.

This year Keith is our point-man once again. If he seems to yawn once or twice during this busy month leading up to the Rose Parade on January 1st, you’ll know why.

mv-stain-storyA heart-felt note: Just prior to Thanksgiving we lost our Mountain View office work-mate, Betty Summers.

Betty’s passing was a shock to all of us and we fondly remember her sweet smile and sense of humor. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and church friends and especially her son Dennis, a book author and Marathon runner. She will be missed!



Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…



Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 ‘Air Force’ photos, courtesy of Oscar

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View (October)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…thanksgiving

October has come and gone. Voting
choices are in the air, and so are the aromas of Thanksgiving and all those holiday goodies.

A couple of recent after-service catering visits has left our mouths watering. Most families kindly invite our staff sistine-chapel-catering
to join them for their repast luncheons. We are always honored to break bread, time permitting.

Just a thought, if you’re planning a repast luncheon. Stage it here at Mountain View. It will save reciting those clunky GPS directions and sitting in grid-locked traffic. It’ll open up more precious visiting time, with out-of- town family and friends.

bette-davis-eyesOne of the first people you meet when you visit here at Mountain View, is Theresa. She’s therunners-world point person for families when they arrive to make final arrangements.

She’s just what the doctor ordered for broken hearts. Theresa has a wonderful smile and an even more wonderful kind heart. She’s a complete professional and a compassionate listener as well.

Theresa spends her weekends, keeping in shape by running marathons. What a gal. When she hangs up her running shoes,
she likes to watch Bette Davis movies on TCM. Don’t we all?

Now more than ever, families keep seeing us on TV shows, You Tube, in student film festivals and on the big screen in major motion pictures.

film-laCreative Location Managers, actors, directors, and producers love to film here, showcasing our historical cemetery grounds and our
jail-setscenic vistas.

Always happy to have you Hollywood guys andseeking-redemption gals with us. It’s all part of what makes our unique family-owned location very special.

Our newest movie set, by the way, is a jail cell with steel bars. The bars are actually, wooden. Watch those parking tickets. Hate to see you behind bars.

flower-artist-luellenBeautiful flowers can help express your condolences with their fragrance and natural beauty. Flowers help families get through the heart break of family services. One of our favorite inspired flower collaborators is flower artist, Luellen, of elegantdesignsinbloom.com.

From weddings to special events to family funeral arrangements, Luellen brings her own special artistic eye and color insights to all things, flowers.

We are so pleased to have Luellen providing her own special style, care and TLC for our MV families. Keep that under your hat.amanda-judi

Kudos to Wicked Lit., our visiting thespian cast and crew for their annual October Halloween evening plays and entertaining performances. SRO again this year.

eddieAs we say goodbye to Wicked Lit., we also say Adios to Eddie, one of our behind-the-scenes hardworking grounds persons. He passed the CA State Board and is now officially, a Nurse.

You might say Eddie is losing his shovel, and gaining a stethoscope. Parents Brian and Tina are proud of his efforts, as are we, his friends and coworkers here at Mountain View. Break a leg, guy. So to speak. 

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383 ‘Runner’s World’ photo, courtesy of Theresa

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View… (September)

Looking Out The Window Here at Mountain View…hello-neighbor

blue-skiesSeptember’s song is with us here in Altadena. It’s in the air. A hint of fall. A hint of autumn. Just as Christmas comes to mind, that Indian Summer arrives and it’s in the 80’s again. Welcome to Southern California.old-glory

There’s something also in the air. Flying high over Mountain View. It’s a new ‘Old Glory.’ An inspection ready new red, white and blue flag. When our veteran families ask our GPS location, we say ‘Just look for Old Glory’.

It helps set a friendly tone as we pay our respects to our passed veteran heroes and their visiting families.

sistine-chapelWas making small talk with a funeral mourner lady at our Sunrise Chapel last week. She mentioned she had just come back from a tour of Rome and The Vatican. I invited her to see our Mountain View ‘Sistine Chapel’. Inside our Mausoleum, it’s like a walking tour of art history.

Sometimes when a memorial service is for a very small number of family and friends, we suggest our Chapel of the Gardens. It’s very intimate and old school and helps set a relaxed tone to help coax out those life stories that make a service memorable.

On the upper level, two minutes walk from the gardens-chapelChapel of the Gardens,there’s a mystery hidden in the marble halls. It’s right out of a Nancy Drew novel.

garden-chapels-signYou may have to ask your Mom or Grandma about Nancy Drew. Nancy was a young woman detective created by Caroline Keene and her mystery novels entertained generations of American women.

Let’s call it “The Case of the Aqua Blue Sash.” Why is the sash wrapped around nancy-drew-livesthe vase? Who left it wrapped by the stained glass window? Let your imagination be your guide.

Walking along the green lined streets and marble halls of Mountain birthday-flowersView, there’s always some cheery birthday and anniversary flowers to brighten your day. Next month, we’ll visit with some of the flower artists that help create our Mountain View magic.

While visiting Mountain View, when questions come to mind about flower arrangements, our stained glass windows or our cemetery history, our friendly staff will always be happy to answer any questions, as they make their rounds.

Need a break from that Indian Summer heat? Take a walk on the cool side, inside our mausoleum. Bare feet on the cool marble is always an option.


Warning: You may see some actors walking our grounds and talking to themselves. What else is new? It’s all part of the annual fun: www.unboundproductions.org
Break a leg guys and gals!

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

August -Looking Out The Window

August means summer is well underway and the temperatures are hot. Keeping cool is the order of they day. Thanks to Mother Nature, we can help keep our cool, under all the  shade trees here at Mountain View Cemetery.

Finishing up July, Our Art Gallery was abuzz with good cheer on Saturday night, July 30th. Family and friends of artist Phil Davis, kept the night going with good cheer and good conversation. The mix of paintings and patrons carried on till ‘Round Midnight.’ Almost. Some cool beverages helped keep the ‘all things art’ musings quite lively.

Maggie Mae                    Mountain View Art Gallery  Art  

Summer means all things kids and we were blessed with the patter of little feet here at Mountain View during August.

Jim’s guys, Kalen and Christian stopped by to say hello. It was like the Hardy Boys had arrived. Their summer visit turned into a summer job, helping label some files, moving tables and chairs into our Mausoleum Art Gallery and even checking out some dusty log books from our early days.  hardy Boys

These new ‘Hardy Boys’ even pitched in and helped when Sharon bought lunch for everyone in celebration of their visit. They helped carry in all the sandwiches,chips and all things catering. Good times. Can’t wait to see their back-to-school essay:”How I Spent My Summer Vacation at Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena,CA.”

More sweetheart kids visited us when Luis’s guys and gal stopped by to say hello. Jacob,Ximena and Yahir stopped by to see and gently supervise as our new computer system and new carpets were being installed. Sweethearts 

So much fun to have the new generation visit with their New School, New Generation cheerful thoughts, ideas and perspectives on our digital world. It’s wonderful to hear in their own words what they think about what we do for a living and our always, old-school,yet modern, style of helping heal broken hearts here at Mountain View. Their visits were like a breath of fresh air for all of us.

Talk about smiles. There’s nothing like the sound and smell of a walking, Clop-clopping horse to make you turn your head and forget your imagined trials and imagined tribulations.

During August, our horse wranglers staged another New Orleans style funeral service complete with their black costumes and open-window hearse. Homeward BoundMore and more families are including these wonderful performers as they celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Talk about forgetting your woes and lows, one minute we were handing out Yarmulkes for a family service, when an angel arrived at our Sunrise Chapel.

Amber was her name and she brought along something special: Her singing harp. Before the service, mourners were treated to a medley of traditional song favorites of the deceased. Her lovely harp magic set such a wonderful, relaxing musical tone to help the family get through their day of loss.Harpist

In the July blog, we mentioned Elvis, the Mountain View kitty-cat, wandering into a service or two from time to time. There was another animal sighting at Mountain View in August. It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Thank goodness, it was only Keith rehearsing his creation, taking a break from IT installations, engineering studies and funeral work to receive an honorable mention at Comic-Con, San Diego for his prehistoric costume. Sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

Happy August. Keep cool.

Till we look out the window here at Mountain View once again…


‘Sweethearts’ photo by Luis Treto

Photos & Text by Denny Dormody F.D. 3383

Looking out the window here at Mountain View…

Looking out the window here at Mountain View…


Summertime and the living is easy, so says that song.  Summertime can be easy and fun and informative when you and your grand-kids follow your family history and genealogy, all found here at Mountain View.IMG_2482

You can start your research with our lobby-office touch-screen. Tap in your surname. That starts the adventure and ends when we print out a direction to help guide you to your family grave sites.
Wanda Chapel of the GardensWanda & Friend

On your family tour, one of the coolest people you will see  walking through Mountain View Cemetery is Wanda  Poston. She’s a historian, studies genealogy,  knows her way around www.findagrave.com and most importantly, she’s a welcome member of our unofficial Mountain View good will staff, helping family history come alive.

There has been another Elvis sighting here at Mountain View, just outside our Sunrise Chapel.  Elvis, not the music man from Memphis, but, Elvis the kitty cat, our unsung mascot has been seen crossing the parking lot more and more during this hot July weather.


Elvis is our cemetery kitty cat and has been known to crash a family service or two from time to time. During these hot summer days, Elvis likes to snuggle against the cool marble in the Sunrise Chapel.  Sometimes a cat’s got to do what a cat’s got to do. 

Every so often here in Southern California, we  feel it again and again. We feel small earthquakes and those afterRichter shocks. As that album cover from way back when told us, in Altadena, we are all ‘Living on the Fault Line.’   History buffs and students discover from time to time that Mountain View is the resting place of Mr. Richter, as in Richter Scale, the pioneer that formalized the chronicling of earthquakes and their phenomenon. Mr. Richter is just one of the many historical scientists, statesmen, politicians, and entertainers resting  here @ Mountain View. 

It’s happening more and more, TV and movie shoots are filming here at Mountain View. Our post Civil War history and well-kept landscaping looks, seem to lend itself to Hollywood.  It’s always a fun time working with producers, directors, location managers and actors, as we help with our side of the storytelling.Happy Music Video

Speaking of actors, we recently hosted Bruce McGill on set here at Mountain View. Bruce started as an uncredited frat house biker in “The Blues Brothers” and has appeared in many movies including “Matchstick Men”  with Nicholas Cage, a thriller directed by Ridley Scott. More and more movies are returning to LA for tax-incentive filming according to FilmLA.com. We’re always happy to be part of the show.

All things art will be the focus at the end of the month as local artist Phil Davis shows his stuff. It all takes place Friday evening, July 30th in our Art Gallery. Phil will meet and greet and talk about about those artists that have helped inspire him before and after his art studies @ UCLA. Phil will talk about his artistic mentors, everyone from Karen Kilimnik to Thomas McDonell to Chris Ofili and many more.

Artist Phil Davis

Have Siri remind you for Friday June 30th.  Join us for drinks, Cool visitmunchies and good company. It all starts at 7pm and we’re gonna party like it’s 1999!  See you there.

Have a great July.  Keep cool.  Hydrate.

Till we meet again, as we look out the window here at Mountain View…


Photos, text by Denny Dormody FD 3383

Looking Over The Fence Here at Mountain View

Looking Over The Fence Here at Mountain View…

It’s June and everything and everyone here at Mountain View seems to be off and running. Off and running with graduations, Dad’s day and vacation fun swirling around in our minds and hearts.

June started with a bang as friends and families at Mountain View joined us on Memorial Day to celebrate Veterans, past and present.

Mountain View Memorial Day

Photo caption: Civil War Recreators join Robert J. Pudas, and his daughter Lori Jaid of Surfside, CA. Mr. Pudas is a W.W. II veteran and participated in the Normandy Invasion. His beloved wife Ellen of 69 years , rests here at Mountain View Cemetery. (Photo by Denny Dormody)

Such a fun afternoon, a 21 gun salute, remarks from the local history experts from Pasadena. All things history were in the air with costumed Civil War soldiers and even tours of Civil War era graves.

Most folks don’t realize that Mountain View Cemetery, here in Altadena, hosts the most soldier graves West of the Mississippi. Walking through the cemetery is like walking through the pages of history.

Speaking of June and speaking of dads and grads, our hats are off to our native son, Keith, graduating with a degree in Engineering from CalPoly, Pomona. Keith helps out on funeral services now and again and serves families with a smile, a great attitude and now, a degree.

Had a family service for a teacher lady as we started the month. It was held in our Sunrise Chapel. Some of her teacher friends brought along some books to display. What a sweet wonderful way to remind friends and family about her life and about her passion: Teaching. We placed the books alongside some brown flowers, matching the color of the books. We like to think being creative is always a good idea, especially with services.

We are soon to lose those purple-blooming Jacaranda trees. Their inspiring blossoms are most prominent on Calavaras Street (Our northernmost cemetery border intersecting with Fair Oaks.) It’s all part of the seasonal changes here in Altadena.

As we know, June gloom is slowly giving way to hotter days and hotter nights here in the City of Angels. June is busting out all over.

Till we look over the Mountain View back fence once again, keep cool. Hydrate. Take care…

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